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Agency Auditions
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Agency Auditions
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Agency Auditions
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Agency Auditions

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  • Audition for a panel of agents in Vienna on the 19th/20th of April 2018.
  • Agencies confirmed:Daniel Wolfsbauer Artists Management, Walter Vladarski, Tscherne Artists, Proscenium, Kupfer Kultur Management, Neue Oper Wien, VMC Vienna Music Connection, 3-Tone Artists
  • More to come
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(see disclaimer)
99 for one time

Who are these auditions for?

These auditions are only to Premium Members of The Opera Stage .

Is there a pre-selection?

There is no pre-selection. Just purchase the audition slot on this page. This works on a first come – first serve basis.

Who will the panel be?

The audition panel will consist of managers from a range of agencies/companies in each of the cities featured (minimum of 5 panelists).

What will the cost be to me?

These events will be subsidised by The Opera Stage as we aim for our subscribers to enjoy a better deal on group auditions than other similar services. The audition fee for each artist in Western Europe is €99

What can I expect at the audition?

  • 10-minute time slot
  • guaranteed to sing 2 arias
  • at least five agents/casting on the audition panel (see disclaimer)

What will I receive from The Opera Stage after the audition?

  • written feedback
  • mp3 recording of your audition

What if I need to cancel?

Our cancellation terms on these auditions are as follows:

  • If you cancel more than two weeks before your auditon 100% refund
  • Between 1-2 weeks 50% refund
  • Between 48hrs and 1 week 25% refund

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the panel will be exactly the same as listed or that all agents taking part will be there on the day you sing
Unforseen circumstances may cause a change in the names and number of participants on the panel.

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